Travelling to ski resorts is never the easiest thing to do. Them mountains that are quite often involved with skiing tend to pose a threat to aeroplanes, so it’s not often you will find an airport near a ski resort.

Turin Airport Parking

At most airports you have a choice of where to park a car. The choices range from the most expensive; usually a multi-storey covered car park in the airport grounds to privately owned car parks that are usually one or two kilometres from the airport. The cheapest of these is Parking Ceretta who offer a [...]

RD1091 Relief Road

DIRECTION LA GRAVEPosted by La Grave Drones on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 Here is a great video by La Grave Drones showing the new RD1091 relief road that opened this week. It is shot with a GoPro Hero 4 camera and a DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus. Awesome gear and an awesome video. The new [...]

On September 2, 2015 Le Parisien published an article saying that a a diversion tunnel will be dug above the Chambon Lake to bypass the landslide area that has led to the closure of the Grenoble-Briançon road. A statement by the Isère department declared  that a 990m tunnel would be the solution. The RD1091 is a major traffic [...]