Serre Chevalier Blog

Up until the spring of 2013, Fergus and Rick updated this blog every single day without fail. This was fine while there was stuff happening, but when things get a little quiet here, it did tend to go off piste somewhat. Since then we have tried to make more meaningful, but still entertaining blog posts about all things to do with Serre Chevalier.

The posts that fit into categories like skiing and weather you will find in their appropriate sections, but everything else you will probably find here.If you can’t find anything that you are particularly looking for, just use the ‘type and hit enter’ search box or failing that, just contact us.


Yes this site has moved to a new domain. As much as I loved the old SerreChevalier.ORG domain name, it fell out of favour with Google. It was partly my fault, but I do suspect some foul play too. Anyway that is all in the past now so forget it! So here we are starting [...]